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Electric flatbed general service life

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  The material handling equipment and electric scooters are undoubtedly the most popular in the existing enterprise factories. The safety, reliability and convenience are favored by many enterprise factories, especially in railway stations, ports and airports, or shipyards, steel mills , Paint room, field operations and other occasions for them to reduce costs and improve profitability has made a contribution, but any items have a certain useful life, then the general useful life of electric flatbed what?

  Electric flatbed is a material handling vehicle driven by a power supply motor driven wheel, and the body of the vehicle adopts a steel frame structure. Therefore, the service life of the electric flatbed depends on the age of damage to the metal structure and the wear and tear of the functional parts. Under normal circumstances, the choice of scraper electric scrap replacement, mainly due to the failure or damage to its components, usually need to do a good job staff maintenance.

Tow cable powered electric flat car

  The destruction of the metal structure of the steel body of the vehicle body may not only cause casualties, but also affect the scrapped disabling of the electric flatbed vehicle and, in addition, the safety of the equipment or workpieces it will transport. In addition, electric flatbed in the use of the process, but also pay attention to its control load and work speed.

  Xinxiang 100% Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd., is a research and development, design, production of electric flatbed for the court effect of the regular business, its production of electric flatbed truck load factor is generally not less than 150%, with batteries, low voltage rail, Several cable power supply, or explosion-proof, lifting, dumping, climbing and other functions, since the business has been very popular.转载原文