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    Electric flat car is also known as electric flat car, because the car without a steering wheel, so can only move forward or backward, turn turn on track. Today xinxiang hundred electromechanical co., LTD. With you tell me the classification
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What is the track car, and rail car any difference

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  Rail track maintenance vehicles, also known as rail car inspection, efficient testing and real-time data processing capacity is very high, unique multi-environment adaptation and self-cruise detection is also very high, is a new agv small rail car. Xinxiang City, 100% Electrical Co., Ltd., after research began to produce this a new electric rail car. So, rail cars and rail cars in the end what is the difference?

  High-speed rail construction and operation require efficient orbital detection equipment, made a new reform, with the traditional rail flat car there are many differences, such as compared with the tractor, there is no traction device, then the track car what are the characteristics?

  1, the normal speed of track car to 10km / h, single life time of 6h or more, bearing about 500kG, chassis height above 385mm, the wheel diameter of 133mm.

  2, the track car can be locked and unlocked at rest, after unlocking the car can move or manually promote the control action forward, backward, accelerate, slow down, stop. Recommended reading: electric flat car prices.

Slide line powered electric flat car
Slide line powered electric flat car

  3, part of track car power can still be developed, leaving some chain mouth.

  Rail inspection car steel frame using high-quality steel, structural design is reasonable, load-bearing capacity, on the basis of ensuring the bearing strength, try to reduce the weight of the structure. Rail flat frame high strength aluminum-magnesium alloy structure is based on the needs of the detection of rail cars, all using the framework of the design structure.

  In this warmly welcome all walks of life need rail flat car products friends, come to visit the guide, consult to discuss future cooperation, Xinxiang City, 100% Electrical Co., Ltd., is willing to help your business take off, dream of success. For more information, please visit the company's official website platform【转载原文