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    Electric flat car is also known as electric flat car, because the car without a steering wheel, so can only move forward or backward, turn turn on track. Today xinxiang hundred electromechanical co., LTD. With you tell me the classification
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Rail flat car which is good

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  In the process of automatization of domestic and foreign enterprises, as an important driving force of automation and intelligence, railcar has become one of the necessary equipment for the factory to become bigger and stronger. Especially in recent decades, the flatcar handling equipment from the traditional push flat car to the electric rail car flat, handling equipment industry has undergone tremendous changes, handling capacity by leaps and bounds, then many domestic rail flatcar companies, flat car Which is better?

  Rail flat car, as its name implies, is a flat car running on the track, now mainly refers to a rail electric plant handling equipment, also known as electric flat car, electric flat car, cross car, trolley and so on, Commonly used to solve the plant or plant span of material handling issues. In performance, with a simple structure, easy to use, easy to maintain, carrying capacity, environmental protection, etc., welcomed by domestic and foreign enterprises factories.

Trackless battery powered electric flat car
Trackless battery powered electric flat car

  As a pioneer rail flat car, Xinxiang City, 100% Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. relying on the advantages of Xinxiang continue to industrial base, vigorously develop and produce rail flat car products, since 2003, more than 10 years of development history, so Xinxiang 100% It has become a famous brand in China with an annual output of hundreds of rail flat cars. Except for sales in major cities in China, it has been exported to over 20 countries such as the United States, Germany, Thailand, the Netherlands, South Africa, Syria, Turkey and Nepal.

  Today, Xinxiang City, 100% Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. has been able to produce 1-1500 tons of various tonnage range KPD low voltage rail-powered, KPX battery-powered, KPC trolley wire power supply, KPJ cable reel power supply, KPT towed cable type , KP non-powered type, BZP turntable type, BWP non-rail type, BWT trackless rail vehicles and other nine series of rail cars, including turn type, trackless type, ladle type, spray room, sandblasting room type, ferry type, hydraulic lift type, More than 90 kinds of rail flatcar handling equipment products and crane parts, axle-shaft reducer, explosion-proof motor, DC motor and other rail car transport equipment accessories.

  The company has won the "advanced unit of integrity management", "Demonstration of contract and trustworthy enterprise", "AAA credit rating enterprise", "Demonstration Unit of Quality and Trustworthy", "Top Ten pioneers", "Chinese electric flat car equipment 10 Strong Enterprise "," Made in China Certification Network Provider "and many other honorary titles.【转载原文