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    Electric flat car is also known as electric flat car, because the car without a steering wheel, so can only move forward or backward, turn turn on track. Today xinxiang hundred electromechanical co., LTD. With you tell me the classification
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Homemade flat rail cars glory for the country to open up the

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  2017, is Xinxiang City, one hundred percent mechanical and electrical Co., Ltd. worth celebrating a year, this year the company rail flatbed products business has made rapid development, turnover has reached tens of millions of dollars. Not only that, Xinxiang hundred percent mechanical and electrical also accepted the China Overseas Engineering Co., Ltd. commissioned for its overseas construction projects in Nepal to provide a piece of rail transport rail flat car supply contract.

  China Overseas Engineering Co., Ltd., is the second largest construction contractor in the world and has been in the ranks of the world's top 500 enterprises for seven consecutive years. It has been engaged in the construction work for overseas difficult construction projects. This time, the project of Barrybay diversion pipeline in Nepal passed The layers of selection, strict bidding, eventually won it, with a total investment of up to 1.26 billion US dollars. June 6, 2017, Xinxiang City, 100% Electrical Co., Ltd., also take this infrastructure orbit flat car purchase project, successfully entered the Nepalese market.

Cable reel powered electric flat car
Cable reel powered electric flat car

  Nepalese water diversion tunnel project need to purchase this rail flat car, is a piece of rail transport rail car, with a loading capacity of about 20 tons, using battery-powered mode, there are active and passive two cars, the operating speed of about 80m / min , Another need to meet the 24-hour long working intensity. Time is short, the task is heavy, according to the results of many discussions with the company in overseas, Xinxiang hundred percent mechanical and electrical company technical staff finally completed the program of flat rail car.

  The model rail car, with two 4.5kw DC motor drive, using a single full charge to meet the continuous use of 15 hours of maintenance-free 1000ah lead-acid batteries, and with a group to meet its 24-hour non-stop operation. See this program, the person in charge of procurement of overseas companies on the company's technical staff capacity is very recognized, and look forward to re-cooperation with the company.

  The cooperation with the overseas Chinese companies not only tested the company's emergency response capabilities in various sectors such as technology, production, installation and after-sales, but also laid a foundation for the Company's business entry into the Nepalese market and promoted the brand of China's machinery manufacturing.

  In this warmly welcome all walks of life need electric scooter products, friends, come to visit the guide, consult to discuss future cooperation, Xinxiang City, 100% Electrical Co., Ltd., is willing to help your business take off, dream of success.