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  • 1352,2017 Electric flatbed general servic
    Electric flatbed, is a kind of material handling vehicles driven by the power supply motor driven wheels, any items have a certain useful life, then the general useful life of the electric flatbed car?
  • 1302,2017 What is the track car, and rail
    Rail track maintenance vehicles, also known as rail car inspection, efficient testing and real-time data processing capacity is very high, unique multi-environment adaptation and self-cruise detection is also very high, is a new agv small r
  • 1292,2017 Rail flat car which is good
    Flat car handling equipment from the traditional push flat car to the electric rail flat car, handling equipment industry has undergone enormous changes, handling capacity by leaps and bounds, then many domestic rail flatcar companies, rail
  • 1122,2017 Homemade flat rail cars glory f
    2017, is Xinxiang City, one hundred percent mechanical and electrical Co., Ltd. worth celebrating a year, this year the company rail flatbed products business has made rapid development, turnover has reached tens of millions of dollars. Not
  • 162,2017 The classification and characte
    Electric flat car is also known as electric flat car, because the car without a steering wheel, so can only move forward or backward, turn turn on track. Today xinxiang hundred electromechanical co., LTD. With you tell me the classification
  • 152,2017 Why are electric flat car accid
    Electric flat car after a long period of use sometimes appear accident parking phenomenon. Today xinxiang hundred electromechanical co., LTD. Tell everyone why electric flat car accident parking. A, the rail failure: electric flat car parkin